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Recap of Day 1 of phase 2 vaccination; first person to be vaccinated in WC

18 May 2021

On Tuesday the Western Cape Government launched phase 2 of its vaccination plan, focusing on those over 60 and the remaining health workers. Almost 1000 people (939) were vaccinated on day one, with health teams going to old age homes, calling a small number of people to come to the vaccination sites and health workers.

As the plans kick into gear this week, Health teams will be going to Old Age Homes from today (Tuesday) which will assist us in getting to as many registered and eligible people this week. From next week more vaccination sites will be coming online which will further enhance our capacity to vaccinate more people.

First over 60-year-old gets vaccinated in the Western Cape
Retired nurse Mara Majiedt became the first eligible non-health worker in the Western Cape to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The former enrolled nurse, aged 61, worked at Tygerberg Hospital for just over 40 years and ended her public service in 2018. She received her vaccination, along with her husband, at the Brackenfell Vaccination Centre at 9:14 am on 17 May 2021 and wore a special mask to mark the occasion.

“I got the shot to protect myself, my husband, my children, my grandchild, my immediate family and my extended family. We haven’t been hugging each other, you know… nothing is normal. I want to do my bit to protect the community. If we are all vaccinated and we adhere to protocols, the spread of the disease can be in our hands. There is much we can do… but we can do a bit more if we get vaccinated. I am wearing a mask that was handed to me from my friend’s husband. My friend was one of the first healthcare workers who passed away due to COVID-19 and while she’s not physically here today, I decided to bring her along and I decided to wear the mask.”

Elderly add their voice of support to the vaccine

Another resident, Lillian Slamat, has encouraged elderly residents to consider vaccination. The Elsies River resident was among the oldest residents to be vaccinated in the Western Cape. “Tannie Lilly,” aged 90, says she had no nerves before getting her jab at the Karl Bremer Hospital Vaccination Centre.

“I am taking the vaccine today to protect myself. I would encourage others to take the injection as well, it’s something good and will help you. I was not nervous, but I was up at 3am which is my normal time to wake up. You could say I was excited.”

Belhar resident Jean Arnold, 69, was the second resident who received her vaccination at the Karl Bremer Vaccination Centre. “You go for a flu injection, so why can’t you take the COVID-19 vaccine? The vaccine is here to protect us. I didn’t sleep too much, I was excited.”

Spacia Plaaitjies, 67, from Elsies River says vaccination is a personal choice. The Elsies River resident has shared why she decided to get vaccinated. “First and foremost, we have a choice. I made a choice that I wanted to take it because I didn’t want to be as sick (as some people who had COVID-19). Friends of mine were infected, and they were very, very sick. One guy said he never wants to be that sick again… for your own sake, you have to look after yourself.”

Bellville resident, Ernest Adonis, 78, described the vaccination as “something good,” after receiving his jab.“It was good for me. I think the vaccine will be good for our people, it’s like the flu vaccine. I advise every elderly person to get vaccinated.”


Registering to receive the vaccine is easy

Western Cape Government Health encourages all caregivers and family members of persons older than 60 years to register their loves on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS). Remember you can register at no cost by using the USSD service. Dial *134*832# from your phone to start the registration process OR send the word “REGISTER” to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp OR visit

The public is urged to only visit vaccination facilities once their appointments have been confirmed. This will ensure that everyone is assisted and gets vaccinated.