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Groote Schuur Hospital patient grateful after recovering from Covid-19 pneumonia

11 January 2021

Unable to spend the New Year’s celebrations with his loved ones, Gino Tobin, a 44-year-old family man from Grassy Park, was delighted to have been discharged from Groote Schuur Hospital on 5 January 2021 following complications with COVID-19 pneumonia. He tested positive for COVID-19 on 15 December 2020 and managed to get through his 10-day isolation period.

As he only experienced mild symptoms, Gino thought he was going to be fine just like most people. But then he started experiencing frequent fatigue and shortness of breath from his 11th day of isolation. “We acted swiftly to see a doctor who had ordered a chest x-ray [which can help spot abnormalities or diseases of the airways, blood vessels, bones, heart, and lungs]. The doctor later confirmed my worst fear, that I had developed COVID-19 pneumonia,” recalls Gino, who is a father of two sons.

As the shortness of his breath worsened, he and his family decided to make the wise decision to have him admitted to the Groote Schuur Hospital emergency unit on Wednesday, 30 December 2020. After being admitted, he was put on oxygen at the hospital and moved to a ward where he had a 7-day treatment plan.

“Personally, I would say I received the best treatment at the hospital. I was treated with dignity. My wife could get things to me with the hospital delivery system and my she received regular feedback from doctors. I felt at home at the hospital and although it was not an easy experience, I felt comfortable with the treatment I was receiving, and every day could see my condition improving. The student doctors and the professor communicated all medical information to me every day and marking my progress as the days passed. I was told Tuesday morning, 5 January 2021 I was in a condition to go home after a 24-hour monitoring with no oxygen supply needed and good oxygen levels.”

“I am testimony that although I was wheeled into the hospital on 30 December 2020, I walked out on my own on the morning of Tuesday, 5January 2021. I would like to thank every cleaner, cook, staff nurse, student doctor and professor for what I would describe as a very dignified stay at Groote Schuur Hospital. I can now wake up after what was the scariest experience of my life,” recounts an emotional Gino.

“Every life we save offers us the encouragement and hope to keep doing the best we can for our patients,” says Dr Bhavna Patel, Chief Executive Officer at Groote Schuur Hospital.

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Alaric Jacobs
Communications Officer: Groote Schuur Hospital
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