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West Coast COVID-19 update – 11 December

11 December 2020

Over the past 7 days the West Coast has seen a 33% increase in new COVID-19 cases and 4 new deaths. We urge the residents to remain cautious and vigilant.

Although the numbers are low, areas of concern in the West Coast are Swartland (109% increase), Bergrivier (44% increase) and Saldanha Bay (57% increase) where the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing, while Cederberg (-19%) and Matzikama (-55%) both showed decreased figures compared to the previous week.

Simple behavioural changes can help us contain the spread of the virus and protect each other until such time as a vaccine is made widely available. If you are sick, stay at home – do no go to social events and arrange for a test. While waiting for your test results isolate from the rest of your household. By doing this, you are protecting everyone.

A closer look at the West Coast subdistrict shows the areas where we have seen a significant increase in new cases over the past seven days:

New cases per subdistrict in the West Coast: 


Active cases 14 days ago 

New active cases over last  

7 days 

Percentage increase 
















 Saldanha Bay 










 West Coast 






We call on the citizens of each of these subdistricts and as a collective to do their part so we can bring the situation under control again. We all have a role to play through our own actions.  

Reports from our local surveillance team indicate that people are not wearing masks especially when using public transport. 

As more research has become available, it has become clear that the virus’s rapid spread in particles is a contributing factor. Fresh air and good ventilation are important factors to consider in safety and prevention of the spread. 

Particularly in public transport, office or work environments and other areas where people congregate, it is important to keep in mind that fresh air is our friend. Keep windows and doors open where possible to ensure a good flow of air in all venues. 

It is vital that we avoid places with poor ventilation, overcrowding, and crowded indoor spaces. Our numbers are going up and it is not only up to healthcare workers to bring them down. Beating the Coronavirus starts with you. 

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