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Overberg COVID-19 update – 11 December

11 December 2020

Over the past 7 days the Overberg has seen a 133% increase in new COVID-19 cases and a 450% increase in new deaths (22). We urge the residents to remain cautious and vigilant.  

The Overberg has seen an increase in all Sub-districts. Towns in the Overberg which are of concern are Bredasdorp, Kleinmond, Caledon, Villiersdorp and Grabouw and continue to drive the districts active cases. 

We have received multiple reports of patients who fail to adhere to quarantine and isolation protocols. Once you have been placed in quarantine and isolation you are required to stay at home and separate from other people to avoid infecting them. If you cannot quarantine or isolate safely at home, please speak to your health team. 

“We respect your decision to quarantine and isolate at home, but you need to adhere to the necessary protocols during this period. By safely quarantining and isolating you can protect your loved ones and all potential contacts,” says Wilma Kamfer, Overberg District Director for the Department of Health. 

New cases per subdistrict in the Overberg: 


Active cases 14 days ago 

New active cases over last  

7 days 

Percentage increase 

 Cape Agulhas 


























Many of the recent flare-ups have originate at social gatherings. Social gatherings can be anything from a party, religious gathering or even a workplace, any place where large numbers of people congregate that is crowded, has poor ventilation and social distancing cannot be maintained is dangerous and should be avoided. 

While some of these events are amongst young people, who are less at risk of severe illness, it is crucial to remember that this can spread rapidly to the vulnerable and elderly in our communities. There is also no evidence to suggest that young people and children are immune to the virus. While they may not contract such severe illness, they do contract it and they do pass it on. 

It is important to keep in mind that fresh air is our friend. Keep windows and doors open where possible to ensure a good flow of air in all venues. Outside events remain a safer option with safe distancing and control of numbers being observed. 

If you are socialising, try to meet up with a friend outside and maintain a distance of 1,5 m and wear our mask. 

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