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EMS In Support Of Life

15 October 2018

During 2016 the Department took a decision to tackle the issue of EMS Safety with renewed focus.

Often these attacks take place in the extremely vulnerable communities where emergency services are most needed.  Each individual attack on EMS workers is an attack on the community and on society as a whole. EMS workers are first-responders, people who do their utmost to save lives. By nature they do not discriminate, just wish to complete the call for help and save the patient. They act “in support of Life” and the whole society should all rally around in support of them. An attack on EMS staff is in fact an attack on Life itself.

In attempting to support EMS staff, the broader community and public must be rallied to re-affirm the life-saving mission of EMS workers. EMS workers (along with other health staff and emergency staff) should be thanked, encouraged, supported and appreciated. While Management cannot guarantee an attack-free environment, they can provide an enabling and supportive environment. This was the background to the “In Support of Life” campaign launched by Western Cape Government Health in October 2018.

We salute all the brave EMS staff members who continue to do their work and serve the public, despite the attacks they must endure at times. We also thank our partners who have each contributed across various sectors to ensure a wide support network.

Tonight is a very unique opportunity to celebrate these brave men and women in a very unique way. Their story is being told by the creative work on show tonight.

Emergency Medical Services Ode

In Support of Life: Reunion

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