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Major renovations completed at local hospital

23 October 2017

Knysna Hospital has enjoyed large scale renovations during the last couple of years. The newly revamped Emergency Centre (EC) was opened in 2014 and today, 23 October 2017, the official opening of the rest of the wards took place. The total cost of the renovations project is said to be R55 million of which R22 million was spent renovating the wards.

“I am quite pleased with the great work that has been achieved in the Knysna Hospital given the recent tragedies that occurred in the area. Our core business is to deliver quality healthcare services to all in a conducive environment. That is why is important for us to upgrade our current facilities to an even higher standard;” said Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape Health Minister.

Renovations were a necessity at this older hospital which was originally built in 1970. Once the EC was opened it was crucial to upgrade the rest of the hospital to the same standard to ensure that patients were able to enjoy the same quality of care throughout, to standardise techniques of cleaning and maintenance, and to initiate change management. 

Extra emphasis was placed on change management which includes new ways in which clinical, administrative and support services had to operate to form part of a new organisational culture. 

The wards that have been completed are: Paediatric Ward, Female Ward, Male Ward, Theatre and Kitchen.

Added to the new wards is also a new rehabilitation unit and innovation hub. The rehabilitation unit for physiotherapy, occupation therapy and dieticians have improved the quality of rehabilitation of our patients. The other project is the innovation hub which enables staff to exchange ideas in an improved way and to get more inputs.

Knysna Hospital (90-bed level 1 facility) serves two subdistricts, Knysna subdistrict (population of 69 000) and Bitou subdistrict (population of 49 000). The town of Knysna, with its population growth rate of 2,77%, experiences a proportional rate of growth in its casualty patient headcount. This town has the highest population density per km2 in the Eden District, which accounts for many of the burden of disease challenges seen, i.e. the highest tuberculosis and HIV incidence rate in the district and amongst the highest in the province. Bitou on the other hand is the fastest growing subdistrict in Eden with an average growth rate of 5,22%.

Western Cape Government Health in Knysna is excited to welcome you at our newly renovated hospital.

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