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We Need to Talk About the Pattern in Child Murders

4 August 2017

“We need to talk about the pattern in child murders” - Western Cape Health Minister launches Women’s Month

The Western Cape Health Minister, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo launched Women’s month today at the Thuthuzela Care Centre for rape victims in Wesfleur Hospital, Atlantis.

The theme for women’s month is ‘Health and safety of Women and Children’. This is a direct response to the brutal murders and sexual violence against young women and girls.

It has been reported that in year 2017 alone, 21 children have been murdered in the Western Cape.

“A key pattern throughout these cases is that the alleged perpetrators were known or trusted by the victim or the family. We need to talk about this as society. As government we cannot be silent, we need to mobilise communities to take the lead in ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to justice;” said Minister Mbombo.

The Western Cape Police Crime statistics further show that 7130 sexual offences were recorded in in 2015/16, a decrease of 239 from 7369 in the previous year.

“There are high levels of interpersonal violence in our society, 7130 is a big number and we need to talk about this in our communities. We are grateful for the work that is being done at our Thuthuzela Centres to support victims,” said Mbombo.

Minister Mbombo launched Women’s Month today at the Thuthuzela Care Centre for rape victims. The aim is to highlight the services the Western Cape Department of Health renders at these centres and how the impact made on behalf of victims and the community at large.

The following role is played by the attending clinician at a Thuthuzela Centre:


  • Health care needs, including medical tests and provision of post-exposure prophylaxis against HIV, pregnancy and STIs if indicated, treatment of other injuries.
  • Medico-legal needs, including evidence collection, documentation of wounds/injuries and testifying in court.

“Our clinicians play a critical role in the Thuthuzela Care Centres around the province. This service is to ensure that justice is served. That is why it was important for us to partner with the Department of Justice in such an important initiative;” concluded Mbombo. 

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