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Two New Wards for George Hospital

3 November 2014

Two new wards at George Hospital were officially opened on 24 October 2014 during a formal ceremony attended by staff and the community. The hospital boasts a new Psychiatric Ward as well as a Family Medicine Ward. Both wards will improve service delivery within the specific specialities.

Western Cape Health Minister, Theuns Botha, was unfortunately not available to open the facility because he had to attend the National Health Council in Pretoria. However, he said that he was very happy that the hospital, which is a very important building block in the health infrastructure for the people of Eden and the Central Karoo, could boast a major improvement. 

"The Family Medicine Ward and the Psychiatric Ward will play a significant role to further improve health services to our people, and generate the society of wellness that we strive to achieve. The new wards boast state of the art technology and equipment. I am proud that this province and our health department are able to provide a service of this standard and quality."

The Family Medicine Ward opened in June 2014 at a cost of R2,25 million and has been the hope of many health-care workers in the hospital and the greater George subdistrict. The ward currently has 14 beds but hopes to get as many as 25 beds to treat sick patients that would usually be treated in a district hospital. This will take pressure off the departments that are currently accommodating Family Medicine patients, particularly Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine and the Emergency Centre, improving patient flow throughout the hospital and the Eden district. With dedicated consultant family physicians as part of the health team, more patients will be offered a comprehensive quality health service, including continuity with the primary health care service. Staff include 4 day nurses and 3 night nurses. Head of Family Medicine Dr Louis Jenkins thanked his colleagues for all their extra efforts prior to the opening of the Ward two months ago. “Our patients will now have a better patient experience, there will be less pressure on Internal Medicine and the general flow of patients will be better”, he said.

The Psychiatric Ward was completed in March 2014 at a cost of R12,6 million with an initial bed count of 8 which has been increased to 10. The ward consists of 3 seclusion rooms, a large relaxation and dining area, and an outside area for patients to enjoy. The ward has  an inpatient and outpatient department. Patients with other medical conditions such as TB are accommodated in an exclusion room. The hospital will add another 12 beds to the ward should funds allow this within the next two years. “We now have a more therapeutic environment for mental health users. I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who were instrumental in planning and executing this project”, said Dr Lynnie Boon, Clinical Unit Head for District mental health.


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