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New Temporary Du Noon Clinic an example of Governing Better Together

9 April 2013

The temporary clinic in Du Noon was today jointly opened by the Mayor of Cape Town, Ms Patricia de Lille, and Western Cape Minister of Health Theuns Botha.

In his address, Minister Botha said the construction of the temporary facility as a medium-term solution to the health service delivery problem was “a victory for the people of Du Noon but also a sign that the Province and the City listened to the public concerns and responded jointly. It’s a demonstration of co-governance and of governing Better Together.”

Minister Botha said the containerised facility is a ground-breaking design concept. “The construction, with tailor-made containers that is fitted on, offers a practical and affordable medium-term solution and the containers can be re-used in future temporary facilities.”

He lauded the departments of Health and Public Works who, in a short time frame, sourced and rented the site and completed the design and construction. The total construction cost was R6.9 million.

The City of Cape Town Health operates the facility. Health services commenced in February 2013.

The new facility is much larger, with purpose-outfitted containers arranged in a patient-centred flow to accommodate the child health, TB and ART services, as well as the women’s health services. The eighteen new consultation rooms have been custom-designed and are modern, comfortable and enhance the patient-centred experience. The temporary facility has an inside waiting room.

The innovative container concept is in keeping with international trends. It is possible to deconstruct and relocate the facility, or parts thereof, to another site which would require health service pressures at short notice.

More than 6 700 patients were treated at the facility in February this year and in March this number increased to 7 300, which indicates the growth to be anticipated.

The ARV treatment unit treats 2 574 clients and TB remains a key concern area, so screening, early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment are major clinical focus areas.

Construction of the future state-of-the-art Du Noon community health centre started last year and completion is expected in mid-2014.

Once this facility opens, pregnant women who now travel to New Somerset Hospital and Vanguard Community Health Centre will be able to book their pregnancies at Du Noon and deliver their babies in the comfort of a modern obstetric unit down the road from where they reside. This will also bring significant relief to the patient numbers at New Somerset Hospital.

The new Du Noon community health centre will cover approximately 4 000 square meters. It will be a full-time facility operating 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Services will include:

  • A comprehensive emergency unit
  • Pharmacy
  • Eight-bed maternity unit and six-bed kangaroo mother care unit
  • Women and child health unit
  • Infectious diseases unit
  • Observations, treatment, consulting and counselling rooms
  • Oral health unit (dentist)
  • Medical imaging unit (X-ray)
  • Social and psychiatric counselling
  • Rehabilitation unit offering physio and occupational therapy
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