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Western Cape Liquor Authorities Revoke Elsies River Tavern Licence

4 April 2013

This morning, following a full hearing of the Western Cape Liquor Licencing Tribunal (LLT), the licence of an Elsies River liquor trader was revoked with immediate effect.

The licence holder of Tootsies Inn had contravened a number of the conditions of the liquor licence which was granted in June 2012 for trade at the premises:

  1. Sale of liquor for off-consumption with an on-consumption licence
  2. Sale of liquor to patrons visibility under the influence of alcohol
  3. A shooting incident occurred at the premises denoting a lack of control over the premises
  4. The licence holder had made structural amendments to the establishment without approval from the Liquor Authority
  5. Storing of liquor in contravention of the approved plan of the establishment

These contraventions came to light after inspectors from the Liquor Authority visited the premises following tip offs on the illegal behaviour by members of the public.

In view of the evidence gathered, and after a thorough investigation into the matter, the LLT ruled this morning that the licence holder is not a fit and proper person to hold a liquor licence and that it is not in the interests of the public that the holder be allowed to trade in liquor. Today, a member of the South African Police will deliver a notice to the licence holder instructing that trade be ceased immediately.

Western Cape Minister in charge of liquor regulation, Alan Winde, said: “As part of our strategy to curb liquor abuse in our communities, the Western Cape Government is determined to root out unruly traders. We take tip offs from the public very seriously because licence holders who contravene our laws ruin people’s lives. This is a warning to irresponsible traders: If you contravene the rules, we will track you down and shut your doors. Our duty is to protect the interests of law abiding citizens by ridding our liquor industry of bad elements.” 

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