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Minister van Rensburg Speaks at Provincial Green Economy Engagement

8 October 2012

Colleagues, welcome at Elsenburg for this first-of-its-kind two-day work session. It is appropriate to have it here in Elsenburg, and I hope each one of you appreciated the beautiful natural surroundings on the way here. A special word of thanks to Joyene Isaacs for taking the initiative to get the various departments and role players into one room.

In agriculture we are very much aware of the direct connection between the health of the environment and the health of our industry. We produce crops using nature. Healthy nature translates into healthy crops. But the connection between nature, on the one hand, and people, on the other hand, goes far deeper than simply the source of our food.

A healthy environment is also directly linked to a healthy human population. This is a fact that the Department of Health works with every day.

There is also a direct social link between a healthy environment and healthy communities. Social Development can attest to that.

In the Western Cape, we are now also saying that there is a direct link between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. This is the challenge facing the Department of Economic Development.

Colleagues, and if we can link the environment to food, people, and the economy, it becomes clear that each and every department in our government is involved in our interaction with the natural environment.

And if we, as the Provincial Government, want to make a positive difference in the way we, as a province, interact with our natural environment, it makes sense that we will have to work together.

We will have to be Better Together. I am convinced (that) there are literally thousands of initiatives we can take in order to lead by example. Please use this opportunity to identify such opportunities and let us learn from one another in terms of existing initiatives towards a greener Western Cape.

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