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New Woodlands residents receive progress update on Farm 694 Housing Development

9 December 2021

On Tuesday, 7 December 2021, backyarders from New Woodlands, Mitchells Plain, received a progress update on the Farm 694 Housing Development by the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements. Alongside this progress, over 360 foundations; 230 floor slabs; and 54 roofs have been completed in the project. Thus far, over 130 New Woodlands backyarders have been approved as potential recipients of the project.

Once complete, the Farm 694 Housing Development will provide a total of 434 housing opportunities to approved qualifying beneficiaries.  The project has been earmarked to provide housing opportunities to backyarders from New Woodlands and the informal settlement residents from Kosovo. Fifty percent of the housing opportunities will be allocated to beneficiaries from New Woodlands, and the other fifty percent will be allocated to residents from Kosovo informal settlement.

The Department appointed the Housing Development Agency (HDA) as the beneficiary administrator to facilitate the subsidy application process and pre-screening of all potential beneficiaries. At the meeting, representatives from the HDA reminded the community of the qualification criteria for the project, which includes:

  • Being over 35 years of age
  • Monthly household income must be less than R3,500pm
  • Not have received a government housing subsidy before
  • Must be registered on the City of Cape Town’s housing demand database (ie. waiting list)
  • Resides as a backyarder within New Woodlands

The community was informed that the HDA site office has been established to provide services to beneficiaries regarding subsidy applications and respond to any queries the community may have. The office is open to the community between 09h00 and 15h00, Tuesday to Friday.

The Farm 694 Housing Development has a budget allocation of R293million and will include public open spaces, areas available for community facilities and recreational areas.

“I was happy when I first heard of this housing project. Finally, I will have my own house and so many other backyarders in this area will be able to benefit. Many people in New Woodlands can’t afford to buy a house and unfortunately live in wendy houses and informal dwellings on other people’s property. So overall this project is great” commented Mrs Mariam Hendricks from New Woodlands.

The Department has also held engagements with residents and the Project Steering Committee of Kosovo. The next community meeting for Kosovo residents is scheduled for January 2022.

The Farm 694 Housing Development commenced with civil construction in 2019, and top structure construction in 2021. The project is expected to be completed by June 2022.

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