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SAA bailout will cost nearly 6 000 beneficiaries title deeds in Province

30 October 2020

By cutting the Western Cape Title Deed Restoration Grant (TDRG) by over R23 million, as part of the R10,5 billion bailout to SAA, the National Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni had demonstrated that the National Government was not prepared to make the tough choices needed for a real recovery, that would ensure jobs, safety and dignity in South Africa.

This reduction in the budget means that at a cost of almost R4 000 per Title Deed, over 5 800 people would now not be assisted by the State and therefore not receive this life-changing and empowering document. To exacerbate matters, this is the final year where the TDRG will be allocated.

At the beginning of this financial year, we had a TDRG of over R67 million, which would’ve assisted 17 000 deserving beneficiaries. Due to the fight against the coronavirus there was an initial cut of R44.4 million, and the reduction in the second adjustment is over R23 million. This further reduction means that the number of beneficiaries that can be assisted is significantly lower.

It is unfathomable that this is being done to keep a failed airline like SAA flying. It is an insult to the dignity that each person in our province deserves.

As a Provincial Department of Human Settlements, we’ve been on a mission to accelerate the handover of Title Deeds. Just recently, and in the space of one week, with funds utilised from the TDRG, we handed 90 Title Deeds to deserving beneficiaries in Khayelitsha (74) and Pniel (16), as we understand how these handovers empowers our people to significantly improve their lives.

Furthermore, a Title Deed also opens up a variety of opportunities for recipients and their families to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones. It therefore also stimulates the economy and can help create jobs.

That is why we will continue to find innovative ways to provide this empowering dignity to our residents in the Western Cape, and we will not shy away from making the brave choices which the National Government has failed to do.

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