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Deadline to move to a new house or business has been removed

15 May 2020

I’m pleased to note that the National Government has made an about-turn and removed the 7 June deadline for citizens to move to their new homes. I also welcome the opportunity that businesses now have, to move to new premises, should they require to do so.

It is further noteworthy that “movement necessitated due to domestic violence,” has also been included.

The new Gazetted regulations as signed into law on 14 May, by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, means that the directives as issued on 7 May 2020, are repealed.

It is critical to note that this is still a once-off movement of persons and goods, “to facilitate the movement of persons and goods within and across provincial, metropolitan or district boundaries during the period of Alert level 4.” 

This refers “to the movement of persons and goods, where -

(i)   A person who needs to travel to his or her new place of residence or business and to transport goods which are limited to household or office furniture and effects and

(ii)  Permits already granted, remain in force.”

It is critical to note that the persons, which includes all those “who are part of the household, who will be required to move” and would be travelling, would require permits “from the

head of court or a person designated by him or her, or the station commander of a police station or a person designated by him or her.”

Furthermore, “the relevant lease agreements indicating the date of expiry of the old lease or the date of commencement of the new lease, or the proof of purchase of residence and occupation date, or the transfer documents attesting to the change of ownership of property, or a domestic violence order, or proof of change or new occupation of business premises,” should also be in their possession.

I’d like to encourage all those who has been looking forward to this opportunity to utilise it, while continuing to adhere to all required protocols, as to ensure there’s no chance of spreading COVID-19.

This also further strengthens my Department’s opportunity to expeditiously relocate our beneficiaries, particularly for those who’s been waiting to move into their new homes.


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