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Closure of human settlements frontline services and all construction sites

25 March 2020

As part of adhering to the 21-day lockdown as instituted by President Cyril Ramaphosa, which takes effect at midnight on Thursday, 26 March, all construction sites and our frontline services with the Department of Human Settlements i.e. Helpdesk and Rental Housing Tribunal services will operate until the normal closing time of 15h30 on Thursday 26 March.

From Friday 27 March, all citizens will have access to a limited service, and we’ll be contactable via telephone or email. 

We find ourselves in a challenging period, which requires all of our cooperation. It is vital we adhere to the President’s call to remain at home, maintain the social distance and practice good and effective hygiene, if we’re going to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We appeal to residents not to attempt to illegally occupy units that are currently under construction, instead, to be our eyes and ears and to report any individual and or group who intends acting in this manner. It’s important to note that any attempt to move around, unless regarded as essential is in contravention of the 21-day lockdown and National Disaster Declaration. Should you transgress, you could face lengthy jail time.

Our staff component across the Province will remain at home, with a small portion, identified as critical personnel being on standby to assist with any eventuality. Pursuant to the lifting of the 21-day lockdown, construction and the helpdesk services will recommence.

I urge all citizens who need housing assistance from government, to download the WCGServices App, via my Facebook page, to either register for the first time or update their details, particularly if contact information has changed since registration.

This App places the Western Cape government in the palm of our people’s hands, which means they no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes to be assisted. The App also ensures that the spread of COVID-19 is curtailed, as residents is not required to engage any public space.

As the Western Cape Government, we remain committed to accelerating human settlement delivery, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient, safe and sustainable human settlements in an open opportunity society.

Our call to all is to now ensure that we stop the spread of COVID-19. #LetsStopTheSpread

Media Enquiries: 

Marcellino Martin
Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers
Tel: 021 483 3397
Mobile: 082 721 3362