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Thousands participate in provincial housing verification and registration drive

4 December 2019

The recently concluded Provincial Housing Database Verification and Registration Drive, saw more than 8 500 people visiting the different venues to either register for the first time or verify and update their details on the Housing Demand Database.

The drive started off over the weekend of 26-27 October in the Cape Winelands District, where 1248 individuals attended. On 2 November it moved to the Overberg District, where 903 people attended. This was followed by the West Coast District, on 9 November, which saw 2619 attendees. Next on the list, on 16 November, was the Garden Route District, where 3603 people attended, and finally on 30 November, it was the turn of the Central Karoo District, where 285 people attended.

Of the total number, 1 435 were new registrations and 4 190 updated their details. The balance of the visitors had various other housing queries.

Minister Simmers said: “I’d like to commend residents for taking personal responsibility and making the effort to either register, verify or update their details. This critical process, which has never been embarked on before, forms part of our radical implementation, innovative and integrated approach with all stakeholders. It was an important exercise, as it sought to address the various concerns raised about the validity of housing waiting lists.

I’d like to also express my gratitude to our exceptional stakeholders, which include provincial Human Settlements staff members, all municipal officials and the Community Development Workers (CDW’s) for their unwavering dedication, commitment and assistance throughout this entire process.

I am encouraged by the data that’s been collected. This will now be collated, assessed and analysed to form the basis for future endeavours. I am also looking forward to launching this drive in the Metro, between late January and February 2020. A much larger turnout is expected in the Metro, as the bulk of those on the current Housing Demand Database resides in the City of Cape Town municipal area.

In the meanwhile, all residents should continue visiting their local housing offices to either register for the first time, or update their details, as potential beneficiaries can only be assisted if they appear on the Housing Demand Database.

As the Western Cape Government, we remain committed to accelerating human settlement delivery, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient and sustainable human settlements in an open opportunity society.”

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