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Western Cape Human Settlements assist over 7 000 clients between June and August

25 September 2019

Western Cape Human Settlements’ Minister Tertuis Simmers, says the Department’s Help Desk continues to be a major driver in resolving various housing queries.  Between June and August 2019, 7 712 residents were assisted by the Help Desk, an average of 2 570 enquiries per month.

In comparison to same period in 2018, 6881 queries were received, attended to and/or resolved. This was an average of 2 293 enquiries per month.

“The pertinent role our Help Desk plays in addressing queries that residents might have regarding government housing assistance in the Western Cape, cannot be highlighted enough. The quality and professional assistance offered by our staff, enables us to help residents gain access to housing information specific to their needs.

Not only do I wish to express my gratitude to the dedicated help desk team, but to the entire Department for their willingness to ensure that our residents are assisted across the various products that we’re offering.  It’s vital that residents are aware of the various housing opportunities offered by government,” said Simmers.

The Department’s Help Desk, located at its offices in Wale Street, Cape Town, serves as a walk-in centre for residents with any government housing-related queries. Whether one needs assistance regarding status on the database, subsidy applications, enquiries regarding projects, advice or guidance regarding options available, the Help Desk assists to address all information needs. In addition to walk-in clients, the Help Desk team also attends to written, emailed and telephone queries.

Minister Simmers said: “I’d like to encourage anyone with government housing related queries to call our Help Desk on 021 483 6488/0611/8984/0623/2060. You can also visit us at 27 Wale Street, Cape Town or email humanmin@westerncape.gov.za or human.settlements@westerncape.gov.za.

We remain committed to improving the lives of our people. We will continue to accelerate human settlement delivery in the Western Cape, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient and sustainable human settlements in an open society.”

Media Enquiries: 

Marcellino Martin
Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers
Tel: 021 483 3397
Cell: 082 721 3362
Email: Marcellino.martin@westerncape.gov.za