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Western Cape Human Settlements Refutes ANC Allegations Of Fraud And Corruption

5 July 2019

The ANC’s statement that the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements is corrupt in its allocation of houses demonstrates their lack of knowledge and any understanding of the housing allocation process. Quite frankly it is disingenuous.

There is full transparency on offer from my Department, with an open door policy for anyone to query project related matters, including the allocation to beneficiaries. The Department does not take the allegations of fraudulent activities lightly and therefore requests copies of the alleged affidavits, so that the required investigations can commence.

Just as I did, upon receiving the falsified housing allocation letter, I would like to encourage Mr Lili to open a case with the police so that a criminal investigation can simultaneously commence regarding these allegations.

With regard to the Forest Village Project, Mr Lilli fails to mention that over 250 people (and their families) from the local community have already benefited within the project. In fact, more than 1 700 people exclusively from the local community, (Wards 16 and 17) will be benefiting from this project upon completion.

The Forest Village Housing Project is a mixed-use development, which consists of various types of units to cater for beneficiaries of different income levels and specific needs, such as informal settlement dwellers, back-yarders, and the affordable/GAP market. Upon completion, this project will benefit in excess of 4 500 people with government housing assistance.

This project is also managed and implemented by the WCG Department of Human Settlements and not Mr Sarel Boshoff as the ANC incorrectly states. The Department has appointed property agents to assist with the sale of Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy (FLISP) units in this project. Mr Boshoff is an employee of one of these property agents.

Mr Lili would do well to acquaint himself with the fundamental differences between a Breaking New Ground (BNG) unit and a FLISP unit. We are open to assisting with this education.

A FLISP subsidy is provided from government to assist first-time homeowners with the purchase of a home and is designed to make the beneficiary’s loan installments more affordable. Only in this instance, will property agents be required to collect occupational rent whilst transfer takes place into a beneficiary’s name. No monies are collected by any WCG official or their appointed agents, for a government housing opportunity.

Housing continues to be a pertinent issue across the country. Since 2009, the Western Cape Government has delivered over 200 000 housing opportunities, and this year the Department is aiming to deliver over 16 000 housing opportunities.

It must be noted that despite our continued delivery, the Western Cape backlog continues to grow in the face of an increasing population, migration and a shrinking budget. Housing opportunities are thus prioritised for the most vulnerable and those that are on the housing demand database for some time.

Our aim is to improve the lives of our people. We will continue to accelerate human settlement delivery in the Western Cape, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient and sustainable human settlements in an open society.

I’d like to remind Mr Lilli there are relevant platforms where allegations such as these can be reported and adequately dealt with.

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