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Renting Residential Property from Government

17 July 2014

The Department of Human Settlements is responsible for developing sustainable integrated human settlements in the Western Cape. This means that we are tasked with creating human settlements that allow residents to access social and economic opportunities close to where they live.

Social Housing

Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option for households earning between R1 501 - R15 000 per month. Social Housing projects require management by an institution, which should be an accredited Social Housing Institution.

Social Housing projects should be developed within areas that contribute to spatial, economic and social development.

You qualify for the service if you are:

  • Married or cohabiting.
  • A single person with financial dependants.
  • A South African citizen.
  • Competent to contract.
  • Have a joint monthly household income of between R1 501 - R15 000.
  • Not benefitted previously from a Government Housing Programme.
  • Registered on the Municipal Housing Demand Database.
Adverts for applications placed in local newspapers. Contact the office of the Social Housing Institution (SHI), where you will be screened in line with criteria.
Successful applicants are invited to attend information and education sessions.