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Beneficiaries Receive Homes in Railton, Swellendam

10 July 2014

On Thursday 3 July 2014, 21 beneficiaries of the Railton Community in Swellendam became proud owners of their new homes, at a handover ceremony lead by the Municipal Manager of Swellendam Municipality, Mr Cecil Africa.  The project, on which construction began in November 2013, has a budget of approximately R26.3 million and is set to deliver 120 houses when complete by the end of September 2014.

The department has a strategic focus to provide a range of housing opportunities and delivers over 16 different programs. All the beneficiaries of Railton qualified for a fully subsidised house, having met the criteria of earning less than R3 500 per month, being a South African citizen, and being first time home owners. The Swellendam municipality is responsible for making sure that potential beneficiaries have registered on their housing list, and for fairly and transparently allocating housing opportunities.  The department in turn works closely with municipalities in the provision of housing opportunities.

For 52-year-old beneficiary, Maria Hess, receiving the keys to her first home was a dream come true.  “Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think this day would happen.  To have a proper roof over my head after all these years is a joy and blessing I can’t even describe.  I’m so thankful,” said Maria.  Another beneficiary, Lina Swelindawe, also 52, could not contain her happiness at being amongst those receiving houses on the day.  “God is great.  My prayers have been answered”, she stated.

Once the homes have been transferred to the beneficiaries, it is the beneficiaries’ responsibility to maintain and care for their new homes so that they can grow in value as an asset. Some of the required maintenance may be

  • Painting of small plaster cracks
  • Changing of broken windows
  • Making sure a window is open when using hot water or cooking so mould doesn’t form on the ceilings.

The department wishes all the beneficiaries many years of happiness in their new homes.

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