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WC DSD supports World Foster Day

31 May 2019

The Department of Social Development supports the #WorldFosterDay campaign which sheds light on, and raises awareness about children in foster care, and urge Western Cape citizens to participate.

World Foster Day is recognised on 31 May.

Last year, 4 055 children in this province were placed in foster care. There is currently a total of 36 685 children in foster care, in the Western Cape.

Foster care is defined as the placement of a child, who needs to be removed from the parental home, into the custody of a suitable family or person willing to be foster parents.

The public can show support by doing the following:

  1. Draw a smiley face on any three fingers, take a picture and share it on social media on 31 May 2019, and use the #worldfosterday
  2. Connect with and support a foster family on #worldfosterday or contact your closest Social Development office, or designated child protection organisation to find out how you can become either a safety or foster parent.

Safety parents act as temporary safe care placements for children legally removed from the care of their parents or caregivers. These vulnerable and at risk children are placed in temporary care through the Children’s Court until alternative placement can be considered.

Foster Care parents, however, assume such responsibility for a period of up to two years at a time. Prospective safety and foster care parents are carefully screened to determine if they are suitable to care for children, and also receive training about the Children’s Act, as well as how to care for vulnerable children.

The Department would like to take this opportunity to thank all foster parents who have opened their homes to these vulnerable children.

Media Enquiries: 

Ms Esther Lewis

Head of Communications: Department of Social Development

Tel: 021 483 5445

Cell: 072 647 2351

E-mail: Esther.Lewis@westerncape.gov.za