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WC DSD Prides Itself on over 2000 NGO partners

27 February 2019

In light of International NGO day, I want to recognise the invaluable contributions of the Western Cape Department of Social Development’s (DSD) NGO partners. The Western Cape DSD currently has 2194 contracts with its social service providers.


World NGO Day is a day which inspires people to become more actively involved within NGOs and encourages a greater synergy between NGOs, the public and private sector. For this reason, I would like to honour the founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters in the NGO sector.


As the Western Cape DSD, we would not be able to deliver the services that we do to the many vulnerable people of this province without the support of our NGO partners. They provide services in a number of sectors including child protection, substance abuse, early childhood development, youth cafés, older persons, disabilities, victim empowerment; to name a few.


In fact, the Western Cape DSD has set the national benchmark for funding to NGOs. This Department transfers 52% of its budget to NGOs which serves the most vulnerable.


This Department has further maintained service delivery without compromising the viability of our NGO partners. This year we will ensure slightly above inflation-related increases of 5% or more to NGOs across the board, and we will ensure NGO social work post-funding increases of 5.6% in the 2019/20 financial year. This will ensure that our NGO partners have a better chance of retaining staff and continuing to deliver to the citizens of this Province. 


Given that we fund over 2000 NGOs, the largest number of any Province, it is remarkable that we have consistently achieved clean audits for our entire term of office. It is no easy task to ensure that every funded NGO provides sound performance information and uses public funding for its intended purposes, especially given the changing demands of our communities. This is a testament to the enduring relationships that the WC DSD has built with its partners.


I call on all members of the public to identify a charity or NGO today and contribute in whatever way possible whether by volunteering on weekends, making a monthly contribution or donating food and clothing. Every little bit goes a long way. Of course, this comes naturally to South Africans given that the Africa Giving report of 2019 indicated that 88% of people in the country donated money in the past year. Giving is in our DNA.


Under my leadership, the Western Cape DSD will continue to work closely with its NGO partners to ensure service delivery excellence for those most vulnerable in our society.

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