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MEC Fritz condemns Vredenburg protests

14 November 2018

The Minister of Social Development in the Western Cape, Albert Fritz, condemns the threatening and illegal protests taking place in Vredenburg, which are attempting to inhibit the Department of Social Development’s (DSD) local office from providing services to the community.


Many of DSD’s staff could not come to work this morning as they were threatened by the protesters. The protest action has resulted in Hopland being closed off. 


Yesterday, Saldanha Bay Municipality issued a warning urging all members of the public to avoid Main Road, Vredenburg, until further notice due to the illegal protest action. The protestors are allegedly rioting over housing.


Captain Heldrich, Communication Officer of SAPS, has indicated that the number of protestors has grown this morning, and continues to do so. She recommended that the staff be sent home for their safety. 


MEC Fritz said, “We cannot allow this flagrant disregard of the law to inhibit service delivery. Individuals affected by the protest action, requiring social relief, are advised to contact Caesar Sauls on 079 932 4127. Alternatively, the Regional Director, Dr Lynette Rossouw, can be reached on 083 350 0894 and the Social Worker on call, Lincoln Hartley, can be contacted on 079 726 9435.”


“While citizens have the right to protest, we do not approve of violent and illegal protest action which not only threatens lives and destroys property, but also inhibits service delivery to communities in need”, said MEC Fritz.


Attention broadcasters: please see English audio clip below


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