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Protect Our Children

31 October 2013

Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

In South Africa, National Children's Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of November each year. The Western Cape Government encourages citizens to protect the rights of and care for our children.children

The Department of Social Development (DSD) has programmes aimed at promoting the well-being of children and empowering families and communities to care for and protect their children.

These programmes include:

Child care and protection programme
Children and families programme
Partial care and early childhood development programme

Children's Rights and the Constitution

Children's rights are protected by Section 28 of the Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution.

These include the right to:

  • A name and nationality from birth
  • Appropriate care by an adult
  • Access to basic nutrition, shelter, health care and social services
  • Protection from exploitive, inappropriate or dangerous work
  • Protection from maltreatment, neglect or abuse

Child Abuse in South Africa

Many children in South Africa don't know how or where to report abuse, or don't have access to help. Many children and adults also don't understand what abuse is and the different forms it can take. Because of this, they might not even know that they are the victims or abusers.

Childline's Recognising Child Abuse document gives more information on the signs that indicate a child is being abused.

Who Can Help?

Childline: 24-hour free helpline 0800 055 555
South African Police Service (SAPS): Crime Stop number 08600 10111 or SAPS 10111

Childline Western Cape:

24-hour toll-free Helpline: 116

Tel: 021 762 8198
Address: 38 Fleming Road, Wynberg, 8001

Useful Contacts and Information:

Child and Youth Care Centres
Drop-in Centres for Children
Children's Act
Children's Rights