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Minister Marais saddened by the passing of Provincial Sport Legend, Joe Pillay

20 October 2021

It is with great sadness that Minister Anroux Marais learnt of the passing of the Provincial Sport Legend Joseph Pillay.

Joseph Pillay, better known as Joe, was an iconic sportswriter who had been covering sport from the early 1970’s. Honoured by the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport as a Provincial Sport Legend in 2017, Joe served our communities through his pen and inspired many sportspeople with confidence and pride in their local heritage and actively promoted a vision of a socially inclusive, creative, active and connected Western Cape.

Until his last days, Joe was active in covering sport and remained a popular figure amongst the soccer and softball fraternity. Ever since he moved to Cape Town in 1981, Joe has written articles about local sport – from school’s soccer to football and softball associations. In 1993, he received the National Premier Soccer League (PSL) Coca-Cola Cup Award and the Golden Pen Award in 2000 at the World Men’s Championships hosted by Softball South Africa.

Minister Marais said, “Joe captured the hearts of the communities with his writing skills, be it in the English or Afrikaans Press. During difficult circumstances, he managed to keep readers up to date with events such as South African Football Association (SAFA) Cape Town competitions, the league or knockout competitions of the Local Football Association, the annual under 13 tournaments of Strandfontein AFC, “By The Sea”, as well as the under 23 Kenpark United tournaments. We will surely miss the presence of the ever-popular writer who has helped in encouraging the growth of sport across the province and the country at large.

We express our heartfelt condolences to Joe’s friends, family, loved ones and all he inspired through his iconic work and selfless efforts to promote local sport participation and achievements. May his soul rest in peace, while his legacy lives on.

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