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Minister Meyer Sends Team Western Cape off to Olympics

12 July 2012

On 10 July 2012, the Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr Ivan Meyer, greeted the Western Cape members of the South African Olympic team. In the spirit of cultural warmth, Dr Meyer wished the qualifying athletes well at a function held at Athlone Stadium, shortly before the team's departure to the Olympic Games in London.

Advocate Lyndon Bouah, Chief Director of Sport and Recreation, thanked the athletes, family members and coaches for their attendance. He emphasised how honoured an athlete is to be selected to compete in the Olympic Games, saying that it is the highlight of any athlete's career.

Dr Meyer delivered the keynote address and welcomed all guests, amongst others, local sports heroine, Ms Elana Meyer.

Minister Meyer advised the athletes that ambition, vision, confidence, risk-taking, drive, persistence, self-criticism and leadership are the qualities required to achieve excellence. He said that the athletes do not only represent themselves, but the African continent as well. It is a responsibility that they should carry with pride. On behalf of Africa, and everyone present, he wished the athletes well.

Ms Elana Meyer, the first female medal-winner since South Africa's return to the Olympic Games, told the athletes of the unbelievable experience they will encounter at the Olympic Games. She said that her silver medal actually meant gold to her.

Mr Dave Roberts, Western Cape Sport Council Executive, thanked the attendants dearly and reminded everyone that their support is appreciated.

The DCAS Deputy Director of Sport Development, Mr Bennett Bailey, said in closing that it is very important to remember that it is not the triumph that counts, but the determination to succeed.

These athletes were inspired to move from goodness to greatness - being selected means that they are good, and through their participation in the Olympics they will achieve greatness. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee are of the opinion that the South African team could win 12 medals. The athletes will try their best to achieve this goal at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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