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Minister Anroux Marais' Speech at the Cornal Hendricks Foundation Launch

28 February 2016

All protocol observed.

Good afternoon, molweni, goeiedag,

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this very important launch of the Cornal Hendricks Foundation but also to participate in its first outreach project in conjunction with the Samaritans Feet Organisation.  

This event embodies the hope Cultural Affairs and Sport brings to vulnerable communities in the Western Cape. This is evident in the cultural affairs executed through the Samaritans Feet Organisation and the sporting activities as lived through the great South African Rugby player, Cornal Hendricks. 

Today, the 1 500 children present will receive more than simply a pair of shoes. The Cornal Hendricks Foundation and Samaritans Feet have made sure that through the different activities and experiences of the day, each child was able to step out of their current situations and hope through cultural affairs and sport.

To the children here today, I hope you realise how special you are. I hope you realise that you are our future leaders. I hope that you know you are destined for greatness and that you can do and become anything you set your mind to. If you do not believe me, ask Cornal Hendricks. He is indeed a role model you can look up to as he went against all odds and become a South African rugby star. He represented our beautiful country against great rugby nations overseas. There is no reason why that cannot be you. 

In a short while, all of you will be receiving a pair of shoes and something eat. What do you think the lesson in this is? (Give them time to interact and respond) The lesson here today is that if you have more than you need, share it with those who need it the most. One day you will all be successful adults because you made positive life choices and you come back home and do exactly what these amazing people have done here today. You will come back and change the mind-set of children, even if only just one, and you will then have changed a whole life for the better.

I sincerely hope that today was and will continue to be a life changing experience for you because remember, “it is not what we do for our children, but what we have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings”.

I thank you.  


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