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Update on the September Exams

26 August 2010

The Western Cape Education Department has reviewed its plans for the September exams and has reiterated its position that the exams will go ahead as scheduled.

This decision has been taken in the best interests of learners. The September exams form part of the year mark which is included in the final NSC results; provide important feedback to learners ahead of the final exams and are used by Grade 12 learner's to apply to institutions of higher learning.

Any extended delay of the exams would therefore prejudice the interests of learners.

Despite the ongoing industrial action, the majority of Western Cape schools continue to function as normal and in these cases there is no reason to deviate from the exam schedule. The WCED will however, on a case-by-case basis, manage those schools and areas which have been worse affected by the teacher's strike.

In these cases, the District Offices will work with individual schools to make alternative arrangements. The details of these alternative arrangements will not be released publically for security reasons, but will instead be communicated directly to the learners and schools concerned.

The WCED is working very hard to offset the negative implications of the strike on learners, we have throughout the strike made a range of interventions to ensure that at least some form of teaching and learning continues and that Grade 12 learners in particular are isolated from the worst effects of the strike.

"I would to thank all those teachers and officials who are working very hard to ensure that in these difficult times teaching and learning continues in the Western Cape. The interests of learners must come first and that is why I, along with the WCED, am determined to ensure that the September exams continue as scheduled. I encourage parents to continue to send their children to school, especially Grade 12's, at this critical stage of the year," Education Minister Donald Grant said.

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