Don’t wait! Late applications can be made up until 25 May 2023 | Western Cape Government


Don’t wait! Late applications can be made up until 25 May 2023

16 April 2023


The month-long window in which parents could apply for place for their children in a Western Cape school in 2024 closed at 23:59 on Friday, 14 April 2023.

During the admissions window, we received applications for 156 150 learners for the 2024 school year.

With parents applying for more than one school for their children, the total number of individual applications for placement and transfer to schools received is 503 763.

We thank the parents who put in the effort to applying on time and helping us to plan for a place for their child in a school next year.

Please note, any parents who logged a query for technical assistance with our team before the deadline will be considered to have applied on time.

Late applications

All applications received after the deadline will be considered late applications. These applications will only be considered by schools after they have considered the applications received on time.

Parents will still be able to capture applications on the online system, but they will be flagged as late applications. The deadline for late applications will be 25 May 2023. It is imperative that parents do not delay applying any further. By doing so, it will affect our planning processes and could result in delays in placing your child.

We must work together to ensure a smooth start to 2024!

Parents can visit: to apply.

What happens next?

Now that the official application period has closed, schools will have just over a month to consider all the applications they have received.

Parents are reminded that they do not need to drop off their certified hard copies at this stage. They will only need to do so once they have received an offer from a school and accepted the offer as their final choice of school.

The WCED is working towards parents seeing the outcomes of their applications online from 29 May 2023, but this will be confirmed as the date approaches.

Parents must then accept or decline successful offers and we encourage them to do so as quickly as possible. More details will be released closer to the time.

It is especially important for parents to confirm their choice of school speedily when they have received offers from multiple schools. These parents are essentially ‘double parking’ on the system, stopping schools from offering these places to other applicants until they make their choice.

If a parent has not confirmed their choice, the system will automatically confirm their top-ranked school that has made an offer. All other offers will then be removed, so that those places can be offered to other learners.

Parents who do not receive an offer of a place should not be disheartened: places always open up as parents confirm their final choices. We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to place every learner whose parents applied on time as quickly as possible.