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#Classof2022: Cheating is not an option!

24 October 2022

Last week, I visited Vista Nova High School in Pinelands to wish matric candidates the very best for the exams, and witness the signing of their matric Commitment Agreements for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.

Every matric candidate, along with a parent or guardian, is required to sign the Commitment Agreement, which clearly outlines what behaviour is not acceptable during the exams, and what can happen if the rules are not followed.

Among other rules, cellphones and notes are not permitted in the exam room. The agreement also outlines the responsibility of the candidate to report any information or rumour regarding exam irregularities.

I urge every candidate to take the agreement very, very seriously. They have signed the formal agreement, and cannot later claim to have not known they could not have notes in the exam room, or have forgotten that they had a cellphone with them.

While we did not have any mass cheating incidents during the 2021 exams, 9 learners were found in possession of crib notes, and a further 14 brought a cellphone into the exam room.

The consequences of such actions are serious: if found guilty, a candidate could be disqualified from the exam, and even be barred from writing up to three subsequent examinations.

Criminal prosecution could be instituted should it be found that the candidate is involved in the leakage of any examination question paper.

The severe consequences outweigh any perceived benefit of cheating. It is simply not worth it. Our matrics are old enough to understand the importance of following the rules, and parents also have a responsibility to ensure that their children understand what behaviour is not allowed during their exam period.

Load shedding

Tomorrow, 11 030 learners will start their matric exams with the Computer Applications Technology (CAT) practical. 927 learners will complete their Information Technology (IT) practical exam on Wednesday.

We hope that Eskom will be able to safeguard the exam times from load shedding, but we nonetheless have clear protocols in place in case of power failures during the practical exams and will monitor the situation closely.

We wish our matrics all the best for their practical exams this week, and look forward to celebrating their results in January.

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Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister David Maynier
Western Cape Ministry of Education