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ICT Audit Underway in Western Cape Schools

15 May 2011

In March, Minister Donald Grant announced that the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) was in the process of conducting an ICT infrastructure audit of schools.

The purpose of the audit is to ascertain what is needed to facilitate the introduction of a Wide Area Network (WAN) for schools.

The Western Cape Education Foundation (WCEF), under the auspices of the WCED, has commissioned the audit. The WCED and private sector partners established the foundation jointly to build public/private partnerships to support quality education in the Western Cape.

The WCEF has commissioned a leading management consultancy to conduct the survey who are engaging with principals and schools' IT administrators to assess each school's IT infrastructure.

The survey will cover all aspects of information technology used at schools, including current internet systems. Grant said that once the audit is completed, the WCED will know the extent of the investment that is required to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity at Western Cape schools.

"It is our view that high-speed broadband connectivity is the foundation on which information technology can be integrated into our schools, making available equitable electronic access to all users, regardless of location. This will enable the WCED to improve education through the provisioning of high-quality curriculum material, teaching aids and will assist in providing a vehicle for improved communication and remote technical support."

Grant said that through the WCEF and public/private partnerships, the WCED's goal was to ensure that in the next few years every school in the Western Cape will receive the fastest possible internet services either at a significantly reduced cost or for free. "Private sector donors will have an important role in helping us achieve these goals."

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