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Intended Closure of Salt River Moslem Primary School

14 June 2011

In May, the school governing body of Salt River Moslem Primary School received a letter from Minister Donald Grant informing them of his intention to close the school.

The reasons behind the intended closure of the school are as follows:

  • The school site is not ideal for teaching and learning. The building is dilapidated and not well maintained. The provincial government does not own the site.
  • Other schools in the immediate vicinity have space to accommodate the learners. Therefore, it makes financial sense to consider using existing state resources, rather than spending additional money on buildings that we do not own.
  • There is no anticipated growth in learner numbers at the school.
  • There is no playing area for learners at the school.

The school governing body will now be given the opportunity to make representations in relation to this action. In terms of the relevant legislation, a public consultation process will also be held.

Once this has been completed, the minister will then consider all of the representations made by the school governing body and the school community.

A final decision on the school's future will only be taken after lengthy deliberation, and will be guided by what is in the best interests of the learners.

The minister acknowledges the historical role that the school has played in the Muslim community and will be sensitive to this when making his final decision.

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