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Appeal to parents to confirm school placement

19 June 2019

On the 7th of June 2019, the WCED re-opened its online admission website for parents to reveal the outcome of their applications for admission for the 2020 school year.

We appeal to these parents to please check their status and confirm placement by 12 July 2019.

Over 25 124 parents have since confirmed placement on the website. We thank these parents for their cooperation in this regard.

Our concern, however, is that there are 126 881 successful applications overall, which indicates 101 757 still needing confirmation from parents.

We are appealing once again for parents to please confirm placement AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on the website. While we have given parents until 12 July to confirm placement, we do not want them to be complacent.

Parents are encouraged to go online to the WCED Admissions website: as a first preference for confirmation.

We have also received over 10 000 whatsapps, with the majority of these being confirmations of acceptance. We are working through these one by one. However, it would be more beneficial for parents to confirm online, as confirmation is immediately visible.

The WCED is also receiving a lot of communication from parents who received unsuccessful applications. While we are very aware of the stress and concern this may cause, we ask that they remain calm. The whole purpose of this second phase of admission is to get as many confirmations completed as soon as possible, so that places open at schools where children are double or triple “parked” in terms of successful applications. By confirming applications now, it will allow us to determine where spaces have opened at schools so that learners on waiting lists can be accommodated.

So again – our appeal to all parents is to co-operate so that we can assist as many learners as possible. Let’s work Better Together to finalise school admissions.

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