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Replacement school for Winelands community is on its way

13 March 2019

Today, Minister Grant visited the site of the PC Petersen Primary School in Kylemore, which is a replacement school currently under construction. The state-of-the-art, R51 million school is in an advanced stage, with full completion  expected by September this year. This 18 month project will provide much-needed relief to the existing school, and accommodate more pupils in a safe environment condusive to teaching and learning.
This replacement school will accomodate 620 learners (adding to the 580 learners accomodated in the existing school), and will have the potential for future expansion should the need arise.
The school buildings comprise a combination of standard plastered and painted stock brick construction and strip footings, with facebrick infill panels, while also boasting concrete columns and beams for improved stability, as well as steel trusses in the hall.
The replacement school will also consist of:

  • 16 standard classrooms (including 2 for Grade R)
  • 1 science laboratory
  • 1 multi-purpose classroom
  • 1 multi-media classroom
  • 1 hall with feeding kitchen and toilet facilities
  • An administration building
  • Caretaker’s facilities

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works continues to deliver on its role as the implementing agent for the Western Cape Education Department’s school construction projects. This R51 million PC Petersen Primary School replacement project is just another example, as with many we have undertaken in the past, of our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art facilities on time, and within budget. This project included extensive construction work which made use of conventional building materials and methods that remain the most economical, durable, and low-maintenance system of building.

This construction project has created 95 job opportunities, largely for young people (70.5% youth opportunities, 7.35% women, and 7.26% for disabled people). 12 skills training initiatives were also created. 12% (R6 million) of the project cost was spent on targeted SMMEs, 3.5% (R1.8 million) on suppliers and manufacturers, and 5% (R2.5 million) spent on targeted local labour. Empowerment targets, as required in projects of this nature, were met and exceeded which is testament to the commitment of the project team.

“In the past 10 years of this administration, we have spent R9 billion on school infrastructure and the construction of new and replacement schools, an achievement worth celebrating,” said Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant.
“The WCED invests heavily in school infrastructure to improve the quality of our schools teaching and learning spaces as well as to meet the demands for schooling in the Province. The delivery of quality education is critical to the future prospects of our learners and by ensuring that our learners receive high quality education we ensure their future success and the success of our beautiful country”, said Minister of Education, Debbie Schäfer.
“I must also appeal to the SGB and the community to protect the school as there is no point in investing in building these beautiful new schools if we are not going to work together to protect them. Schools are community assets and just as we joined forces to build this wonderful school, we need you to join forces to protect the school and in doing so, protect the education of our children. We hope that this new school will be an institution of quality teaching and learning, where learners and teachers are safe and secure,” continued Schäfer.
The learners of this school can look forward to world-class learning and teaching facilities which will undoubtedly contribute to improved education outcomes. This replacement primary school is a much - needed addition to the Kylemore community and will be of service for years to come.

Media Enquiries: 

Jessica Shelver
Spokesperson to Minister of Education, Debbie Schäfer
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Siphesihle Dube
Spokesperson to Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant
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