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MEC Schäfer concerned regarding reports of learner abductions in the Zonnebloem

15 August 2018

I have received reports from our District Officials that two separate incidents of abductions have reportedly taken place in the Zonnebloem area over the past two weeks. Learners are reportedly being targeted while travelling to and from school.

Reports indicate the perpetrators are drugging learners and abducting them, one reporting the involvement of a white van. We have reported these incidents to SAPS, Cape Town. In addition, the District Social Worker has issued communication to schools in the area.

The social worker visited both schools to investigate the reported incidents and provide support.

This is a source of extreme concern. We have not had reports of this happening in any other area, but I would like to urge parents to exercise caution, and inform their children of the dangers of engaging with and of taking any food or beverage from strangers.

Any incidents should be reported to SAPS immediately, as well as to our Safe Schools Call centre 0800 45 46 47.

We have requested SAPS to increase visibility in the Zonnebloem area. We will also place these cases on our Watching Brief system to monitor progress. These perpetrators must be found and charged!

The safety of our learners is paramount.

Schools in the Zonnebloem area and surrounds will be engaging with parents to raise awareness as well as educating learners about being extra vigilant when travelling to and from school as well as where possible, travelling in groups.

Learners, parents and teachers may phone our Safe Schools Call Centre not only to report incidents and request support, but also for counselling and advice on 0800 45 46 47.

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