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Building Better Communities

8 November 2006
Councillors, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

Today we mark the official opening of the Philippi Fresh Produce Market.

This market will literally help to build a healthier community. It brings affordable fresh produce to the people. And it brings real broad based economic empowerment. It will create sustainable jobs, and a place for emerging farmers to sell their goods. It will build a new hub for small business, and will serve as a magnet to attract additional private investment into the area.

The Philippi Fresh Produce Market also forms part of our broader aim for development in this region. We are putting a lot of investment into the nearby Dreamworld Film Studio and into improved infrastructure and services in the region in order to encourage economic growth and job creation.

So today marks an important milestone on our journey toward that larger goal.

I would like to thank the all of the officials and council staff involved for their hard work.

I would also like to thank our colleagues in the Provincial government for working together with us on this project, and the various government agencies that assisted with making funding available.

And I would like to extend my special appreciation to the private investors who have contributed to its facilities and who have taken on the responsibility for running it on a day to day basis.

The outcome of your contributions stands before us today as an excellent example of what a combination of good co-operative governance and public-private partnerships can achieve.

There is still important work to be done to make this market realise its full potential.

We need to establish and implement a proper system to monitor and evaluate its performance.

We need a comprehensive strategy and action plan to develop the emerging farmers who will supply goods to the market.

We need to implement a strategy to promote the involvement of roaming vendors and neighbourhood traders.

And we need to ensure that we continue with plans to build additional facilities in the market in the months and years ahead.

Judging by the progress already made, I am confident that all parties involved will continue to work toward these targets with the same dedication that has characterised their efforts so far.

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