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Premier Winde announces his new Cabinet

13 June 2024

Media Release: Premier Winde announces his new Cabinet

Today, 13 June 2024, Premier Alan Winde announced the new Cabinet of the Western Cape Government (WCG).

“It is my pleasure to announce the team that will help me continue the work of our government over the next 5 years. I have worked with many of my fellow Cabinet members for years already and they bring a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge to the team. We have always enjoyed a constructive and open working relationship which has been key to achieving our vision of a resilient, united, and prosperous Western Cape.”

“Given the tectonic shift in South Africa’s political landscape, we need to work extremely hard to maintain confidence and stability, but I also believe we need to include new faces to bring fresh ideas into our government so that we can continue to improve the way we govern with the both the present and future in mind.”

Premier Winde added, “This term also provides myself and my colleagues with the opportunities to be courageous and take new approaches to tackling some of the wicked problems we face; many of these were made clear to me as I crisscrossed this province and met and listened to our residents. Our mandate as provincial government is clear, and I am wholly committed to ensuring that through departments like Education, Health and Social Development our residents have access to the social support that they need.”

“This Cabinet has been carefully put together with the pledges of the WCG in mind. The residents of our extraordinary province have given us the mandate to continue in office and keep working to improve their lives. We owe it to our more than 7 million residents to ensure that we do not let them down. Our focus and commitment will not waiver: we are more determined than ever to grow our economy, create more jobs, and make the Western Cape safer.

“I am deeply humbled by the endorsement that my government and I have received. You the residents of the province are at the heart of why we do what we do – Thank you. Together we will be able to do so much to ensure the Western Cape gives hope to her residents and hope for South Africa.”

The new Cabinet is as follows:


Alan Winde has served as Premier of the Western Cape since 2019. Premier Winde is passionate about job creation and safety. Under his leadership, he has implemented several initiatives to fuel economic growth, enable job creation and ensure that this province works for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. Initiatives that he has launched include Cape Air Access, Project Khulisa, the Western Cape Safety Plan and the Western Cape Energy Resilience programme.

Minister of Agriculture, Economic Development and Tourism

Ivan Meyer has served as Minister of Agriculture in the Western Cape Government since 2019. Previously he served in numerous other portfolios in the provincial government, among them Minister of Finance. He will bring his wealth of experience to drive this government’s commitment to enabling economic growth and development in this portfolio.

Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport

Ricardo Mackenzie was appointed Mobility Minister in 2023. Prior to that, he served as Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works in the provincial legislature. He will bring his passion for community and supporting young people and their development to this portfolio.

Minister of Education

David Maynier has served as Western Cape Minister of Education since 2022, having previously served as the Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities. Mr Maynier is dedicated to improving learning outcomes and expanding access to education across the province, and to ensuring that our children have a better future in the Western Cape.

Minister of Finance

Deidre Baartman has served as a member of the provincial parliament since 2019 and was both the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance, Economic Opportunities and Tourism and the Budget Committee. She also served as Deputy Chief Whip from 2021. Her work as Chairperson of the Budget Committee has given her keen insight and knowledge of the fiscal process. Ms Baartman is committed to fiscal responsibility and ensuring the budgeting process speaks to this government’s priorities and the needs of the residents, particularly the vulnerable and poor.

Minister of Health and Wellness

Mireille Wenger served as the Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities from 2022. She was responsible for the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Provincial Treasury. Having held various positions in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament across health and finance, including oversight of the COVID-19 response before becoming a minister, Ms Wenger brings extensive experience to the Cabinet and this position. She is passionate about ensuring that everyone in the Western Cape receives quality services that maximise all available resources.

Minister of Infrastructure

Tertuis Simmers has led the Department of Infrastructure since its inception. With infrastructure development a critical economic and social enabler, Mr Simmers is deeply committed to optimising this vital portfolio to build the Western Cape's resilience and to further enhance its road and logistics network. He also believes in the role that infrastructure development can play in redressing disadvantages caused by our past so that all residents can make equal use of their opportunities.

Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs, and Development Planning

Anton Bredell is currently the longest-serving member of the WCG Cabinet. He has held his current position since 2009. The top performance of many municipalities in this province in all major assessments is evidence of his stewardship in this portfolio. Previously Mr Bredell served as the Executive Mayor of the Swartland Municipality. He has ably helped steer the province through several natural and manmade disasters.

Minister of Mobility

Isaac Sileku has been a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament since 2022. He served as deputy mayor of Theewaterskloof Municipality from 2016 – 2019 and served in the National Council of Provinces from 2019 – 2022 as a delegate from the Western Cape. In his oversight work, Mr Sileku has seen the importance of ensuring that our transport networks work for our residents connecting them safely to home, work, school and recreation. Mobility is critical to growing the economy, creating equal opportunities and addressing the injustices of the past. He is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders collaborate making sure that mobility is everyone’s business.

Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety

Anroux Marais has been a member of the provincial legislature since 2004. She was reappointed to the position of Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport in 2019, having held the post since 2015. Ms Marais will bring her years of experience working with at-risk youth and building safer and cohesive communities to the government’s commitment to making this province safer.

Minister of Social Development

Jaco Londt served as a member of the National Council of Provinces from 2014 till 2024 in various select committees as a permanent delegate for the Western Cape bringing his years of oversight experience to the role. The Western Cape Department of Social Development is often regarded as the heart of the provincial government, demonstrating that this government works for all her residents, especially the most vulnerable. They are often hardest hit by crises, and despite the significant fiscal constraints this province faces, Mr Londt is committed to ensuring that this government supports the poor and vulnerable.

“My cabinet and I will continue to be supported in our work by the over 90 000 employees of this government led by our Director-General, Dr Harry Malila and our Heads of Departments.  These professionals – our teachers, nurses, social workers, engineers and many more - work tirelessly every day to ensure that the Western Cape Government serves the residents of this province to the best of our ability,” said Premier Winde.

Premier Winde thanked members of his previous Cabinet who were not returning for their service and dedication to the provincial government and people of the Western Cape. He wished them well in their future endeavours.

Premier Winde concluded, “We must be honest with ourselves: the next 5 years will come with formidable challenges, but I firmly believe that we are ready to weather whatever crisis comes our way. As we forge ahead, I hold the  values of our government close: we must be responsive, accountable and innovative in everything we do for our residents. We must move forward with renewed vigour. We have achieved so much, but much more still needs to be done.”

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