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Premier Winde & Minister Simmers visit Langa following devastating fire

20 April 2022

Media release: Premier Winde & Minister Simmers visit Langa following devastating fire 


Yesterday, the Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, the Provincial Minister of Human Settlements, Tertuis Simmers, and the Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Pamela Tshwete visited Langa following the devastating fire which took place over the long weekend.

Premier Winde and Provincial Minister Simmers expressed concern for those affected by the fire, and commended the City of Cape Town on their response.

The Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, said: “My heart goes out to all those families affected by the fires in Langa over the Easter weekend. No family should have to suffer such an unimaginable loss, particularly over a period marked by joy and togetherness. When visiting yesterday, it was deeply upsetting to see the toll taken on this community but, also encouraging to see the significant measures in place to support those in their time of need.”

Premier Winde added: “I am, however, pleased to hear that all affected by the fire were accounted for. This is in part thanks to the City’s rapid response.”

Minister Simmers said: “It is truly heartbreaking to witness the devastation of this fire, as no one should experience such tragedies. The manner in which the City of Cape Town responded has to be lauded, as there could’ve been further and more severe devastation.”

Measures taken by the City of Cape Town in response to the fires include:

  • The firefighting services ensured that fires were extinguished in just six hours, despite interference.
  • The Disaster Risk Management Centre and Informal Settlements Management have completed the registration process, confirming that 260 structures were destroyed in the fire, affecting 767 individuals. This is lower than initially predicted.
  • City services were deployed just after 18:00 on Saturday. This took place within minutes of the Fire and Rescue Service being alerted to the incident.
  • An emergency shelter was made available at a local church hall, however, the demand has been relatively low as affected individuals are largely choosing to stay with friends or family.

Minister Simmers added: “I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the various organisations, entities and individuals that have either assisted the City of Cape Town or made donations so that the 767 individuals that were affected can be helped. We’re on standby should the City require any assistance or further support, whether this might be technical or any other.”

Donation points have also been made available to help those affected. At these points, donations of blankets, non-perishable food, disposable nappies, baby food, sanitary items and other materials can be delivered.

The following drop off points are available for donations:

  • The Urban-Rural Development, City of Cape Town Housing Department, corner of Langalibalele Drive and Lerotholi Avenue, Langa. You can contact 083 521 0328.
  • Mustadafin Foundation, corner of Heide and Antelope Court, Bridgetown. You can contact 076 422 1667.

Premier Winde concluded: “During times of crisis such as these, I am always overcome by the generosity of the people of our province. I want to appeal to that generosity again and call on those Western Cape to play their part and assist those in need where possible.”