2 drug-related arrests made during multi-stakeholder roadblock on R27 | Western Cape Government

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2 drug-related arrests made during multi-stakeholder roadblock on R27

7 February 2022

Media Release: Premier Winde visits roadblock along R27 on the West Coast ahead of the Official Opening of Parliament and the State of the Province Address

“2 drug-related arrests made & 2 vehicles impounded during multi-stakeholder roadblock along the R27”

With just 8 days to go before the Official Opening of Parliament and the State of the Province Address (SOPA) in Velddrif, situated in the West Coast, the Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, conducted a site visit of a multi-stakeholder roadblock along the R27.

Premier Winde was joined by the Provincial Minister of Transport and Public Works, Daylin Mitchell and the Acting Provincial Minister of Community Safety, Anroux Marais. The traffic operation was conducted together with numerous stakeholders including Provincial Traffic, South African Police Services (SAPS), Local Traffic Services and the Swartland K-9 unit.

During the operation 2 drug-related arrests were made, with a total of 29 vehicles, and 42 persons, searched. Additionally, 2 vehicles were impounded and 49 fines were issued to the value of R37 400.

The Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, said: “Our traffic officers and K-9 units are playing an important role in making our communities safer for all who live in our province and particularly, for those residing in the West Coast – as demonstrated today. Their efforts ensure that narcotics are seized before they can get to our communities and harm families. They help us to apprehend those involved in the smuggling of abalone, which does irreparable damage to our ecosystem, and they help to identify and remove ammunition and firearms before they are used in crimes.”

Premier Winde continued: “I initiated the K-9 programme while still serving as the Provincial Minister for the Department of Community Safety. Since then, K-9 units have been established not only in Swartland but also in the Overberg and Metro area. I look forward to making further announcements on our future initiatives to promote safety in the upcoming SOPA.”

The Provincial Minister of Transport and Public Works, Daylin Mitchell said: “Our roads are always busy as the Western Cape attracts many tourists as there are no restrictions placed on accessing recreational facilities with no stipulated curfew hours. The implementation of these well-established operations creates a safe environment for any other motorist. I thank all those road users who support us by abiding by the rules of the road. I wish to thank each of our traffic management colleagues for always working hard to contribute to safer roads.”

Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement executed multiple joint integrated operations and visibility strategies throughout the province to ensure the safety of the motorists entering and exiting the province by carrying out its operational mandate to:

  • Promote a safe and reliable road user environment on our road networks.
  • Prevent all possible loss of life and road user crashes and fatalities.
  • Regulate pedestrian behaviour and reduce fatalities.
  • Encourage voluntary road user compliance during the festive season.
  • Apply the general Rule of Law and compliance in terms of the Disaster Management Act and Regulations.

The successes included provincially during the festive season:

  • 195 496 vehicles stopped and checked on all major routes.
  • 2030 integrated traffic law enforcement operations were executed.
  • 764 vehicles were discontinued from use on a public road.
  • 279 vehicles were impounded.
  • 320 arrests were taken including amongst others 18 arrests for Bribery, 5 arrests for pedestrian as a source of danger, 2 arrests for stolen property (copper and vehicle theft), 5 arrests for threatened/Suggest use of violence, injuries/damage to property of Traffic Officers and the possession of narcotics to the value of R388 372.
  • Provincial Traffic issued fines to the approximate value of R53 million during the festive season period.

The Acting Provincial Minister of Community Safety, Anroux Marais, said: “It is really encouraging to see first-hand the important, and often life-saving work, conducted by our safety stakeholders including our traffic officers and K-9 units. You are playing an invaluable role in making our communities safer and I want to sincerely thank you for the good work that you are doing. I also want to encourage communities to work together with these stakeholders and be active citizens. If you notice suspicious behaviour, you must report it. We all have a role to play in making our province safe for all who call it home.”

In addition, the Swartland K-9 unit aims to provide support and assistance to SAPS and other stakeholders to detect contraband, explosives, firearms, and ammunition. Between October and December 2021, the K-9 unit project has ensured that:

  • 82 arrests which include arrests made for drug-related charges;
  • 29 traffic fines were issued;
  • 13 roadblocks;
  • 86 person searches;
  • 480 vehicle searches; and
  • 174 premises searches.

In December alone the Somerset West-based K-9 unit which serves the City of Cape Town successfully ensured the arrest of 27 persons, some of which were drug-related. In the Overberg, the K-9 unit detected and arrest 2 persons with a firearm that was reported stolen in Worcester and used in a farm robbery in Stanford, Hermanus.