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False claims involving WCG employee dismissed

17 October 2017

Today’s Cape Argus front page carries false claims against the Premier, made by a former disgruntled employee with an axe to grind. The fact is, over two years have passed since this matter was concluded, and the editorial choice by the Argus to place it as a front-page lead should be seen for what it is – another example of their ongoing agenda to attack the Premier personally and the Western Cape Government generally.

We reject these allegations entirely as they bear no merit.

It is also unfortunate, but no surprise, that the Argus chose to use my comment selectively, leaving out crucial points, presumably to suit their narrative.

In my comment to the Argus, I make it clear that the Premier has never required anyone in the Department of the Premier to be a member of any political party when being considered for employment – that claim is false.

Policy direction is about understanding the mandate of voters and translating this into implementable policy in government.  This space requires mature debate and engagement.

The fact is Ms. Rosa chose to resign. Now, two years later, the ANC and Ms. Rosa have chosen to engage in public mud-slinging.

We see no merit in engaging this matter any further.

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