Premier on Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaign Visit to Local Manufacturer | Western Cape Government

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Premier on Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaign Visit to Local Manufacturer

21 February 2017

Today, Premier Helen Zille and Minister Alan Winde visited ACA Threads, as part of the Western Cape Government’s month-long Energy Efficiency Awareness campaign.

ACA Threads is a Cape Town-based sewing threads manufacturer which has installed 131 kW in Rooftop Solar PV to generate their own power. The company is saving R500 000 a year by using Rooftop PV.

The Energy Efficiency campaign, driven through the Western Cape Government’s Energy Security Game Changer, focuses on raising awareness about the benefits of installing solar PV panels and efficient water heaters, as a cost saving measure, and in line with creating a greener world.

The Energy Security Game Changer aims to ensure energy security that supports economic growth in the Western Cape, incorporating diverse and low carbon sources of energy and improving energy efficiency by 2020.

We have identified a number of key levers to achieve our aim:

  1.     The enhanced uptake of Rooftop PV in the province;
  2.     The installation of efficient water heating in households and business;
  3.     Increased diversity of the energy mix; and
  4.     Greater energy efficiency in Government and Private Sector

During the visit, Premier Zille and Minister Winde were shown the various energy saving measures implemented by ACA.

Premier Zille said: “The Western Cape is home to a growing number of green manufacturers who are driving South Africa’s status as the fastest growing green economy hub in the world. Our goal is to create an enabling environment for businesses and residents to switch to solar, save on their electricity bill, and generate income by feeding power back into the grid. We’ve helped 15 municipalities to get Nersa-approved tariffs in place so people can be compensated for the power they generate. In this way we will enhance our energy security, and reduce the region’s reliance on the Eskom monopoly.”

Minister Winde said: ““By operating responsibly, ACA have a people and green centred bottom-line. Sustainability is at the core of their business. It is this kind of leadership and vision that South Africa can be proud of. It is my hope that ACA serves as an example to other businesses.”

ACA Threads is just one of the flagship companies that has made a significant commitment towards energy security and the Green Economy. This process is driven under the Western Cape Government’s 110% Green banner.

Besides generating its own energy, ACA Threads has also proactively reduced its use of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). They have achieved R300 000 in savings per year since 2012 by dropping the amount of HFO used to dye a kilogram of thread.

Considering the country’s water crisis, the company has reduced their water usage by a whopping 66%, for each kilogram of thread dyed.

Since 2001, ACA Threads has also reduced its waste to landfill by 96%. To this end, they have saved R735 000 in the past four years through their creative recycling efforts.

“We will continue to encourage businesses across the province to switch and save –  adopt energy efficient measures that contribute to a greener environment. In the process they will cut down on operating costs, enabling them to create new jobs,” said Premier Zille.

“ACA is a prime example of how energy and water savings supports business growth”.

Media Enquiries: 

Michael Mpofu
Spokesperson for Premier Helen Zille
071 564 5427
021 483 4584