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Cosatu's Ehrenreich Must be Exposed for Hypocrisy and Grandstanding

11 July 2013

Tony Ehrenreich's latest attack on the Western Cape Government is another example of his pattern of political grandstanding and hypocrisy and it is important to put the facts on the table.

Firstly, Premier Zille has not received a meeting request from Mr Ehrenreich since 2011. The only meeting request we have received from him was in August 2011, which we agreed to and the meeting took place in October 2011. He then failed to attend the follow-up meeting which took place a month later.

Secondly, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Alan Winde has also invited him to several meetings in the past, all of which Mr Ehrenreich has either declined or failed to attend.

Thirdly, the Economic Development Partnership (EDP), which is an independent organisation in which stakeholders in the economy have come together to develop and help implement a shared agenda for economic growth, development and inclusion, has repeatedly invited Cosatu to join it. Mr Ehrenreich has steadfastly refused to do so, indicating that he wanted no part in it. The EDP is the precisely the forum where socio-economic issues are being discussed and government is represented as a stakeholder.

Therefore, it is surprising that Tony Ehrenreich can claim that the provincial government refuses to engage with Cosatu when the facts above prove the exact opposite. Instead of requesting a meeting, he calls a press conference to issue an ultimatum, which proves that it is nothing more than political grandstanding. This hypocrisy and opportunism must be exposed.

The Western Cape Government is committed to being responsive and engaging with citizens with valid concerns or requests raised in good faith. However we will not be held hostage to threats and ultimatums made by interest groups with narrow political agendas.

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