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Institutional Capacity-Building and Support available to NPO Sector

9 May 2022

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) wishes to alert those Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) that need Institutional Capacity-Building that support is available.

The Department’s Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) programme aims to facilitate the building of competent social development service providers who are resilient, creative and practice good governance. 

During the 2021/22 financial year, provincial NPO Help Desk provided support to 2722 NPOs.

The ICB programme provides the following support:

  • A database of support services is available to the NPO sector;
  • A reliable, up-to-date database of all funded NPO's which deliver services within the Department's service delivery sphere;
  • All organisations have access to information about the Department's funding criteria, statutory requirements, changing policy priorities and transformation agenda;
  • A risk management system and rapid response capability to assist organisations in crisis, is in place; and
  • Through the provincial NPO Help Desk, organisations are assisted with new registrations, compliance assistance and updating of organisational details as well NPO certificate distribution.
  • The Department regularly conducts 1 – 2 day trainings focusing on NPO Act Compliance, Governance and NPO Sustainability.
  • The NPO Mentoring Programme is an intense capacity building intervention for at-risk organisations needing to improve their functionality and capabilities.

Information on:

  • Policies;
  • Statutory and legal guidelines;
  • Baseline data;
  • Funding requirements;
  • Research findings; and
  • Social Development Donors.

Services on:

  • Information;
  • Training;
  • Mentoring;
  • Network and Support; and
  • Registration Support.

The Department works in the poorest communities, where social and economic conditions may lead to those organisations that are best placed to deliver services but lack the necessary resources to be sustainable and comply with legislation.

As a Department committed to working FOR YOU, we want to ensure that poor communities have access to services from organisations that understand their needs and can best assist in meeting them.

For more information:

NPOs can access the service by visiting the walk-in-centre during the times listed below, or by emailing

Please adhere to COVID-19 protocols:


Monday to Thursday (closed on Fridays)


08:00am to 14:00pm


9 Wale Street, Customer Service Contact Centre



(021) 483 0987/ 3808


Media Enquiries: 

Joshua Covenant Chigome

Spokesperson for the Minister of Social Development, Minister Sharna Fernandez

Tel: 021 483 9217

Cell: 083 661 4949