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DSD warns the public about fraudulent letter of support

5 July 2019

The Department of Social Development would like to warn the public about fake letters of endorsement being distributed by the Al Noor Orphanage in Cape Town.

It has recently been brought to the attention of the Department that an endorsement letter for holiday programmes at Al Noor, purporting to be by direction of former Social Development MEC Albert Fritz, has been sent to several organisations by Al Noor.

“I condemn the misuse of my name in this document. Direction was not given from my office, as stated in the document, to support a holiday programme facilitated by Al-Noor Orphanage.” said MEC Albert Fritz.

The Department has referred the matter to Provincial Forensics Services, who will lodge a case of fraud with the police.  

Upon reviewing the document, the following has been established:

1.    The Department has had no employee by that name;

2.    The letterhead specifies a Unit/Directorate that does not exist in the Department of Social Development;

3.    There are no office managers in the Office of the MEC – the only office manager positions in the Department would be in the office of chief directors.

4.    The letter is not dated; and

5.  There are no landline contact numbers on the letter – a requirement on letterheads.

Below are tips for the public and donors who provide support to Child and Youth Care Centres:

  • Verify whether the CYCC you would like to make a donation to, is registered by the Department of Social Development in the Western Cape.  All registered CYCCs are listed on the Department’s website.
  • The Department’s Directorate Facility Management can also be contacted in order to verify if it is a reputable organisation.
  • Do not accept endorsement letters from the Department via the CYCC, but rather request the information directly from the Department.
  • The programmes that a Centre is registered for, as well as the age groups, are indicated on the registration certificate of the Centre. 
  • DSD does not audit donor funding, so it is important that financial donors implement monitoring processes.
  • An official outcomes-based agreement with the Centre in terms of the use of donor funding is also advised.

Since the Department only partially funds our NPO CYCCs, they are dependent on various sources of donor funding.  Donors are encouraged to, after thorough checks, support or partner with NPO CYCCs. 

Media Enquiries: 

Esther Lewis

Head of Communications

Department of Social Development

9th Floor, Union House

Cape Town, 8000


Tel:      021 483 6400

Cell:   072 647 2351

E-mail: Esther.Lewis@westerncape.gov.za

Website: www.westerncape.gov.za