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Department will not entertain political posturing masked as unionism

15 June 2016

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) refuses to be drawn into a political game with aspirant fringe politicians, masquerading as union-bosses.

The South African Social Services Union (SASSU) is not recognized union by DSD, nor is it represented within the department.

The protest held outside our offices today by people from SASSU, was quite clearly a political gathering more than a worker related matter.

DSD officials, especially our social workers, are consummate professionals, and it comes as no surprise that of a staff compliment of well over 970 social workers, a handful of people (not more than 20) gathered outside for today’s picket. Their issue related to the provincial Minister’s refusal to grant permission for officials to leave their posts and join a politicised event recently held in the province by the National Ministry, without following the necessary protocol.

Our position as DSD remains unchanged. All officials within this department are to be at their posts, on time, delivering services to residents of the Western Cape as they are mandated to. Any requests for officials to assist with “roadshows” or “imbizos” from the National Ministry must be communicated via the provincial office of the MEC, as is protocol.

It is unfair on the vulnerable segments of our society to be deprived of key DSD services, whilst officials opt to take time off work for quasi-political events hosted by national, neither will we begin to do so, even if requested by party-political “unionists”.

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