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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Over R130-million in DSD support

3 December 2015

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) remains committed to playing a leading role in the provision of services to people living with disabilities.

DSD has almost tripled the budget for ‘Services to the Persons with Disabilities’ sub-programme in the last five years from R47.6-million to R130-million.

The departments developmental social welfare services are delivered through four main levels of service delivery interventions aimed at awareness & prevention; early intervention (non-statutory); statutory Intervention / residential / alternative care; and aftercare.

The department renders services to over 78 000 people living with disabilities in the Western Cape, and funds 219 NGOs which render key services in addition to departmental services. DSD’s current services include:

  • Disability awareness and educational programmes,
  • Developmental supportive and therapeutic services (social work interventions): counselling, support group programmes, day care programmes for adults and children with disabilities,
  • Support programmes for families/caregivers,
  • Protective workshops services and residential care services.

Other services that’s provided by DSD to 78 000 people with disabilities and their families/carers are:

Residential care services:

These are provided by 32 residential facilities managed by NGOs for temporary or permanent care, protection, support, stimulation and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (when the need can no longer be met at home).

Social Work Services:

  • Awareness and educational programmes on disability issues.
  • Provision of social work services: counselling services, trauma debriefings.
  • Peer support programmes.
  • Family/parental support programmes.
  • Empowerment programmes for persons with disabilities: Lifeskills programme, programmes enhancing positive self-image, self-perception.

Protective Workshop Services

  • Day care services for economic empowerment and to train Persons with Disabilities to acquire skills.
  • Maintenance of business unit.
  • Facilitation of open labour market placements.

As we mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we will continue to support and empower the disabled community. One’s disability is not a “handicap”, and with the right support and care people living with disabilities can achieve anything they set their goals to achieve. DSD will continue to play its part and render services with our NGO partners and communities, ‘Better Together’.

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