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Abduction Case: appeal for all parties to be responsible

2 March 2015

The Western Cape Department of Social Development has begun the long and complex reunification process of the 17 year old teenager with her biological parents. The teen is also keeping in contact with the father and family that raised her.

In the interests of the teenager and to preserve her privacy during this time, she has been placed in the care of one of our Safety Homes, and has requested to stay under the supervision of a senior DSD social worker.

The department will not rush this reunification process, as it is of a sensitive nature. Short planned visits and interaction sessions took place this weekend between the biological family and the teen. These are designed to begin the process of creating a comfortable environment for the family to begin bonding.

The department would like to make an appeal to all parties, including the media, to act in the best interests of the teenager, and to respect the privacy and the sensitive process that now needs to unfold. Invasive and sensational reporting will not aid our efforts to create a safe and enabling space for the young women to process events.

The department prioritizes the safety and well-being of children across the province, and is guided by the Children’s Act no. 38 of 2005 in this regard. The DSD will act on any action that could threaten the well-being of this young woman.

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