Minister Fritz Admitted to Western Cape High Court as an Advocate | Western Cape Government

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Minister Fritz Admitted to Western Cape High Court as an Advocate

7 February 2014
Statement by Albert Fritz Western Cape Minister of Social Development
Minister Fritz admitted to Western Cape High Court as an advocate
Western Cape Minister of Social Development, Albert Fritz, has today been admitted to the Western Cape High Court as an advocate.
This new achievement will add immense value to his ability to direct programmes in his department, relating to the Child Justice Act and Children’s Act, specifically with regard to diversions, child maintenance, alternative care and all other programmes involving the legal fraternity.
“Too often, poor people are marginalised due to officials giving them the run-around with legal processes. I plan to plough my expertise straight back into poor communities where people suffer, often unnecessarily, just because they don’t understand their rights and have no knowledge of the avenues available to them.
Child maintenance and the rights of children in this regard, removal of children from dysfunctional homes, diverting children away from the criminal justice system, and giving maximum support to children who are victims of crime, are some of the areas where I would like to see my department have more impact.
I often receive calls directly from the public, when they are confronted with legal technicalities, as it relates to social welfare issues, and I look forward to being of even further assistance in the future.”
Media Enquiries: 
Minister Albert Fritz
Cell: 083 307 0192
Melany Kühn
Spokesperson for Minister Fritz
Cell: 083 280 9199