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IDP Analysis Report for the 2012/13 Financial Year

14 March 2013

It is an honour to present the second annual Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Assessment Report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the 2012/13 IDP Process of municipalities in the Province.

This report seeks to serve as a basis for tracking progress on Integrated Development Planning and the identification of all other interventions and actions required to improve Integrated Development Planning in the Western Cape Province.
Integrated Development Planning has evolved over the three generations of IDPs and to this end the Department of Local Government introduced the third Generation IDP concept that made specific recommendations on: 
  • Improving the ownership of the IDP by local leadership, municipal management and the community.
  • Improving the long-term strategy in IDPs with a spatial logic of investment that will guide other plans and focus on underserviced areas and poverty alleviation.
  • Ensuring the IDP becomes an investment plan for national, provincial and local government through the use of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) structures like the  
  • IDP Indaba to ensure joint planning and harness resources of other stakeholders to complement IDP and government investment.
Some of the encouraging trends established in IDPs during the 2012/13 IDP Assessment Process included the emergence of area/neighbourhood based plans, the inclusion of district, provincial and national policy imperatives and the inclusion of sector department projects in municipal IDPs.
These trends point toward improved vertical alignment between the different spheres of government, enabling municipalities to approach the development of their communities in an integrated and holistic manner – a true reflection of the provincial spirit of “Better Together”.
The Western Cape Province is therefore on course to make Integrated Development Planning everyone’s business.
I would like to thank national and provincial sector departments for their valuable contribution in the IDP Process. I remain encouraged with the progress we are making in this regard.
I would also like to thank municipalities for co-operating with the rest of government during this process. My Department will, together with all stakeholders, forge ahead to make IDP everyone’s business to ensure that IDP truly becomes the single, strategic and inclusive plan that guides the whole of government's investment in a municipal space.
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