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Second Liquor Outlet Loses Licence

20 August 2013
Statement by Alan Winde, Minister of Finance, Economic Development Tourism
I am committed to ridding the Western Cape of alcohol abuse by tracking down unruly traders and closing their doors.
Tootsies Inn in Elsies River has become the second tavern to lose its licence under the new Western Cape Liquor Act. The Liquor Licence Tribunal initially revoked this outlet’s licence in April this year following allegations of the sale of alcohol to visibly drunk patrons and for selling off-consumption with an on-consumption licence.
There was also a shooting incident at the premises denoting a lack of control at the premises by the licence-holder.
The owner appealed the decision of the Liquor Authority and took the matter to the Appeals Tribunal. As a result, the revocation of the licence was downgraded to a two-month suspension. In essence, the licence-holder was given a second change to get her house in order.
Shortly after this decision was made, SAPS reported to the Liquor Authority that the owner of Tootsies Inn was still selling alcohol off-consumption.
She also failed to comply with the Appeals Tribunal’s two-month suspension of her license and continued to trade in defiance of the law.
The license holder of Tootsies Inn appeared before the Liquor License Tribunal on Thursday (15 August 2013) and her license was permanently revoked with immediate effect.
This case is but one example of how some licenced traders in this province are flagrantly disregarding our laws. This practice is tearing away at the social fabric of our society and I am determined to see its end. In an environment riddled with alcohol abuse children are neglected, domestic abuse is rife and people struggle to hold down jobs to lift themselves out of poverty.
There are more than 300 alcohol-related deaths in the Western Cape each month. South Africa has been ranked as the country with the third highest rate of alcohol abuse in the world and the Western Cape plays a big part in this.
We have been working hard to reverse these trends.
Since the start of this year the Liquor Authority has inspected 3 146 premises and conducted eight “blitz” operations. 
The licences of four establishments have been suspended.
In addition to enforcement, we have rolled out a full scale awareness campaign about the dangers of alcohol abuse. It kicked off at the start of this month with visits by the Western Cape Liquor Authority to major centres across the Western Cape. Elsies River was selected as one of the areas. I am pleased to report that the session was well-attended.
It is my hope that the message resonated with residents and that informed members of our communities spread our message, and that they join hands with us to stamp out this scourge. We will only end liquor abuse when we realise it affects us all. A responsible liquor environment is a safer and more productive one.
At the start of August the Liquor License Tribunal revoked the license of Nini’s Koep and Loep, in Lentegeur in Mitchells Plain, after police found drugs on the premises.
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